Saša Spačal

Saša Spačal is a postmedia artist working at the intersection of living systems research, contemporary and sound art. Her work focuses primarily on the posthuman period, when human beings exist and act as one of many elements in the ecosystem and not as sovereigns. Therefore abandoning the Cartesian system of classification and accepting the fact that the field of technology has expanded not only from hardware to software but also to wetware resulting in hybrid phenomena inscribed in mechanical, digital and organic logic.
She has exhibited and performed at venues and festivals such as Ars Electronica Festival, Prix Cube Exhibition, Transmediale Festival, Onassis Cultural Center Athens, Eyebeam, Cynetart Festival, National Art Museum of China, Museum of Contemporary Art Metelkova – MSUM+, Pixelache festival, Device_art, Art Laboratory Berlin, Gallery of Contemporary Art Celje, Museum of Contemporary Art Vojvodina, Kapelica Gallery, Kiblix Festival. For her work she was awarded Prix Ars Electronica Honorary Mention 2015 and nominated for Prix Cube 2016.

Slavko Glamočanin
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He began in the computer ‘demoscene’, where he was mostly active in making music. This continued with organization of drum and bass parties and demo festivals. One of the founders of the Abort demo festival, he also co-founded the music label Monkibo on which he co-produced the first slovenian breakbeat compilation ‘Monkorama’ which contained his creations as well.
He continued with programming and exploring the media and for that purpose he created a programming platform Naprava ( and collaborated with Neven Korda in different projects such as video source/effect manipulator. Besides that, he occasionally VJ’d at parties. After one-way video/effects he proceeded with interactive projects, starting with Play VJ. a project that enabled manipulation of video with hand gestures in space. The movement was tracked by a camera and interpreted.
Afterward followed a seminar task at the faculty – virtual skiing, which was hosted in Hevreka and presented at the IEEE conference. It featured a 3d ski run, graphics were made in OpenGL and motion captured by an ordinary camera. This setup allowed you to ski with moving of the body from left, right or lower for the speed (camera followed the movements).
The next idea was a pong game, transmitted to another medium: v-pong. This game was projected on the floor and the players could play by interfering with projection, their movements were interpreted by a camera above them. It turned out to be very popular at night urban situations. He also collaborates with other artist: Neven Korda, Martin Bricelj, Špela Petrič, Robertina Šebjanič, Saša Spačal, …